Inheritance law

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Inher­i­tance law set­tles com­pany suc­ces­sion

The Ger­mans inher­ited about two tril­lion Euros dur­ing the past decade. Espe­cially entre­pre­neurs appre­ci­ate the advan­tages of inher­i­tance law: In case of death, the law helps them to con­serve their life­work and to set­tle their com­pany suc­ces­sion. In order to avoid dis­putes between sur­viv­ing depen­dants, the inher­i­tance shall be set­tled clearly and in time. Our law firm pro­vides advice in all legal and fis­cal mat­ters – and, there­fore, helps to imple­ment our client’s par­tic­u­lar wishes with respect to their inher­i­tance and com­pany suc­ces­sion.

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Dis­po­si­tion mak­ing in the life­time

Sen­si­ble and cau­tious tes­ta­tors make impor­tant dis­po­si­tions in time. Our law firm pro­vides clients with sup­port in deci­sions regard­ing their assets and com­pany suc­ces­sion. Thanks to our advice, our clients can safe­guard all val­ues and assets for their heirs, which are enti­tled to them. In addi­tion, an entre­pre­neur is able to pro­tect his or her com­pany by a clearly reg­u­lated com­pany suc­ces­sion.

Con­sid­ered deci­sions on inher­i­tance and com­pany suc­ces­sion

We take time with each client to develop the first steps. Please con­tact our law firm and inform us about your wishes for the future and how you would like to spend your old age. Addi­tion­ally, we clar­ify with you what shall hap­pen after your com­pany partner’s death, how the inher­i­tance shall be dis­trib­uted, and how the com­pany suc­ces­sion shall be set­tled after the sur­viv­ing com­pany part­ner died.

Tes­ta­ments offer a wide choice of vari­ants

Besides the tes­ta­ment as an uni­lat­eral order, there are fur­ther options to deter­mined inher­i­tance and com­pany suc­ces­sion. The con­tract of inher­i­tance is a bilat­eral trans­ac­tion. A joint will is use­ful for spouses and reg­is­tered civil part­ner­ships. Bequests and oblig­a­tions are pos­si­ble appen­dices, by which cer­tain per­sons can be taken into con­sid­er­a­tion. For com­pany suc­ces­sion and inher­i­tances exist numer­ous vari­ants, which depend on dif­fer­ent reg­u­la­tions:

  • enti­tle­ment of sur­viv­ing spouse to inherit
  • dis­in­her­i­tance
  • legal suc­ces­sion
  • claim to com­pul­sory por­tion

We pro­vide advice in case of suc­ces­sion

In a case of suc­ces­sion, we are pleased to respond to all your emerg­ing issues. There are many legal sub­jects which require a soundly pro­fes­sional con­sul­tancy:

  • claims dur­ing and after a divorce
  • refusal of an inher­i­tance
  • cer­tifi­cate of inher­i­tance
  • dec­la­ra­tion of inher­i­tance (Fest­stel­lung der Erb­masse)
  • asser­tion of claims aris­ing from a mature life insur­ance
  • sen­si­ble and fair reg­u­la­tion of a com­pany suc­ces­sion
  • exces­sive indebt­ed­ness of the inher­i­tance
  • lim­i­ta­tion of hered­i­tary rights

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